Layer Feed

A 16% protein feed for laying hens. This feed contains vitamins, mineral's, corn, oats, peas, barley and roasted soybeans with added oyster shell.

Organic Broiler Feed

We offer 3 different broiler rations to specifically target growth periods critical to development and performance. Each broiler feed contains vitamins, minerals, corn, oats, peas, barley, and roasted soybeans.

Organic Turkey Feed

As with the broiler program we offer 3 different rations to target turkeys needs at different growth periods. It contains the same grains as broiler feed with similar vitamins and minerals. Available on special order.

Organic Beef Feed

Our beef feed contains corn, oats, barley and peas. we do not add soybeans for protein although available on request. We believe quality hay, and a well maintained pasture supply adequate protein requirements.

Organic Scratch Grain

Scratch grain mix contains whole hard red wheat, oats peas, corn and barley.

Tech Mac Fertilizer

Please contact for more info on fertilizer.